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I can boldly say that some people who are into fitness are not having fun with it. I say this because I used to be in that category. Fitness should be a lifestyle not something that stresses you out or makes you over-think. I’ve listed a few points below on how to enjoy the ‘fit life’;
  1. Do not Over-think it; Yes! Exactly that! People tend to give so much priority to fitness alone whereas other aspects of their life are slacking. Here’s the thing about fitness that some people are yet to understand; it should be enjoyable. If you’re always stressed out when you miss a workout, have to eat out or when you’re invited for a party then my friend, you’re doing it wrong. Prep Your meals when you can, eat junks when you crave it(but moderately tho), don’t panic when you skip a workout, go to parties and have fun, laugh with family and friends cos in my opinion, moments like these are more precious.
  2. Scrap out the ‘SHOULD’ in fitness; What I mean by this is that most people tend to tell others what they ‘should’ do to meet their goals or what they ‘should’ put in their body to get the best nourishment etc. Now here’s the thing, what works for Mr A may not work for B and C respectively. If you hate broccoli but would still like to make healthier choices, you can always switch it for any vegetable you enjoy. The fact that your coach eats brown rice, tasteless chicken breast and broccoli does not mean you should do same. Your pal is on a diet and you know diet isn’t your thing but you do it anyway knowing fully well it won’t last long, why do it at all? What’s important and my point exactly is that you should always do what you can maintain on the long run.
  3. No Gym No Problem; I do believe you can still be fit outside the gym because I have been doing it for the past 8 months. Some people get frustrated when they don’t have access to the gym. Hell! Some even say they cannot workout if there’s no gym. Hmmm! Well dear friend, we all know there are more equipment in the gym thereby making it easier to workout but what happens when you travel and have no gym access? You won’t workout?! If you’re in this category, you’re seriously not enjoying the ‘fit life’. Working out from home gives me the assurance that with or without a gym, I can be fit, strong, healthy and happy plus it’s cheap.
  4. Form the Habit of being Active; I don’t mean going to the gym or working out from home, No! I mean doing other things that don’t require you to put on a workout outfit. Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs, go for a walk at your leisure time etc. You don’t have to force it. If walking under the sun isn’t your thing, walk under a more friendly weather. You don’t have anything to loose, rather you’d burn calories without consciously wanting to. Let me know how you find the post. Cheers!